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Thursday 1st October:




Welcome addresses


Plenary session

Pietro Bellotti - Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A.
Topics of research and development in the wood and furniture industry in the world market


Session Topic: Industrial Engineering and Lean Management

Chairman: W. Jungkind
L. Vozzi, Lima Corporate S.p.A.: A lean transformation project a medical devices company: Lima Lean Enterprise
  • B. Nolte: Comparison of Companies in Terms of the Applicability of Value-Stream-Design
  • V. Stanich, D. Kolich, N. Fafandjel: Value Stream Mapping to transform shipbuilding to meet the needs of multiple industries
  • I. Gräßler, P. Taplick: Interconnection of a system and process based matrix for Virtual Engineering on the basis of the Product Life Cycle
  • A. De Franceschi, A. Facchin, E. Padoano, D. Pozzetto: Analysis and installation of a new line for assembling heat exchangers
  • I. Gräßler, A. Pöhler, Ph. Scholle: CPPS-based market access opportunities for production capacity providers
  • Y. M. Alvarez Serrano, R. De Bortoli, D. Pozzetto: Application of the 80/20 principle on margin contributions in manufacturing companies


Coffee Break


Session Topic: Technology and supporting services for manufacturing

Chairman: F.-J. Villmer
H. Kirchner, CyberTech S.r.l.: Research and education opportunities in SMC: three observation from the field
  • C. Kortüm, A. Riegel: Process Qualification in the Wood Industry
  • A. Huxol, A. Riegel, K. Dekomien: Development of an algorithm for measuring the quality of high gloss surfaces correlated to human perception
  • F.J. Villmer, L. Witte: Large Scale 3D Printers: The challenge of outgrowing Do-It-Yourself
  • D. Riediger, S. Hinrichsen, A. Schlee: Ergonomic design of graphical control elements on production machines
  • A. Capíková, P. Čech, D. Tesařová: Emissions of VOC and odors from polyurethane foams
  • P. Čech, D. Tesařová: VOC emissions from Heat-Treated wood

Friday 2nd October:


Session Topic: Product life-cycle, from concept to market and use

Chairman: A. Riegel
D. Marini, Veolia S.p.A.: The application of the QFD method to design a new type of evaporators
  • E. M. Scheideler, A. Ahlemeyer-Stubbe: Data Mining: A potential detector to find failure in complex components
  • M. Merhar, D. Gornik Bučar, M. Gabrovšek: The role of technological and geometrical parameters in the construction of wood milling tools
  • M. Kitek Kuzman, M. Kariž, A. Kutnar: Development and Life Cycle Assessment of furniture for the Elderly
  • M. K. Niaki, F. Nonino: The impact of additive manufacturing on firms’ competitiveness: an empirical investigation
  • A. Huxol, F.J. Villmer: Hybrid manufacturing machines: combining additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies
  • G. Deppe,T. Reiher, R. Koch: Cost and lifetime benefits of a topology optimized aerospace part applying Additive Manufacturing


Coffee Break


Session Topic: Supply Chain design and management

Chairman: F. Sgarbossa
O. Imazio, Aligroup S.p.A.: Lean Manufacturing Application at Polaris Refrigeration Factory
  • E. Dal Borgo, A. Meneghetti: Sustainable logistic networks for Project Based Enterprises: an optimization model
  • F. C. Grossi: An innovative modular Agribusiness Hub for the Volga Region
  • V. Pejić, T. Lerher, B. Gajšek: A conceptual framework for lean and green model in internal logistics – How can we combine the two paradigms?
  • N. Casagrande: Lean procurement and Supplier integration
  • F. Costantino, G. Di Gravio, R. Patriarca, M. Tronci: Simulation model of spare parts management in a commercial pool contract
  • D. Battini, M. Calzavara, A. Persona, F. Sgarbossa: Design of compact storage system
  • L. Li, L. Schulze: Improving the Productivity of a Man-to-Goods Order Picking System through Optimization of Order Batching


Lunch Break


Session Topic: Management practices and methodology

Chairman: M. Nicolich
P. Pierdomenico, Wartsila Italia S.p.A.: Use of simulation tools in the energy industry: some real cases
  • J. Ebert, C. Keller-Ebert: Five steps to excellence with MSCDPS® - an integrated method that combines socio-scientific aspects and lean management
  • H.A. Medina Suni, C. Bianciardi, J. Guercini, P. Romano: Critical factors to successfully develop A3 reports in healthcare sector
  • M. Tosic, D. Lisjak, D. Kolar: Impact of the Key Performance Indicators on a maintenance process: a literature overview
  • D. Kolar, D. Lisjak, M. Tosic: Application of data mining techniques in small-series job shop
  • U. Retti, S. Rigutto: Flexible Manufacturing System design and optimization supported by simulation model
  • M. Sortino, S. Belfio, G. Totis, M. Nali: Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing plants by process simulation and lean thinking
  • L. Lassig, M. Nicolich, C. Poloni: Assembly Line Management: Multi-Objective Optimization


M. Nicolich – F-J Villmer: Conclusion and introduction of the next Conference in Lemgo